additional bee balms questions

lary1047(z5 MI)January 29, 2006

Hello there from SE Michigan!

We have spring fever with this warm weather now in January. We are looking to plant a new prennial bed this spring and thought maybe totally of diffeent bee balms to attrack hummers.

Any suggestion of what types and colors, one of the reasons for bee balm by itself we would not have to worry about it taking over and going into other parts of the garden. A couple of years ago we planted some and put them in a sunkin 5 gallon paint pail as we did with our obedient plant and it kept them contained.

Also what other prennials might work in this bed for hummers?? With bee balm being such a hardy plant for taking over should we stick to bee balm????

Thanks Happy Spring

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Have you thought about milkweed (asclepias incarnata)? There are some new hybrids in dark pink and a white (Milkmaid) that I'm thinking of growing. Of course, this is a main food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars, so you might get a built-in teaching module for kids! The fragrance is gorgeous, too -- reminds me of my grandmother's face-powder.

A shrub I'm fond of is the Beauty Bush (kolkwitzia) which is covered in small pink orchid-like blooms in June. Mine is about 4' tall and across, with arching branches. Long lived, too.

The real attraction for humming birds is the colour red, and tubular flowers. Scarlet salvia and vine honeysuckle have worked best for me.

Good luck!

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