Yellow Spotting on leaves - pics

peps22August 12, 2010

Earlier this summer I had issues with under-fertilizing my potted butternut squash. It had no nitrogen, and the leaves turned yellow and died. I fertilize 1x a week with miracle grow tomato plant food, and the problem was solved. The yellowing of the older leaves stopped.

NOW, I have a new problem. These yellow "spots" on otherwise green leaves. They're like yellow dots. I dont see any bugs around the bottom of the leaf... Any ideas?

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Looks fungal to me. If those were on my squashes I wouldn't be too concerned. Old leaves tend to get beat up as time goes by. If these yellow spots don't spread and kill the leaves, I'd ignore them.

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I think its fungal too, however there is no white stuff on the bottom of the leaf.

Unfortunately, its spreading. RIGHT when the first two female flowers have appeared. I've been spraying with Ortho Disease Control with little effectiveness.

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