Pumpkin harvest so far.

Sid23August 12, 2012

Pumpkins are coming early due to the heat and all the bugs I suppose. I needed to start harvesting before they take over. Found 2 nice pumpkins that had SVB right in the pumpkin. :0( These ones are nice though, curing them now so hopefully they will still be good in the fall! Ice cream pail at end of row so you can judge size of pumpkins.

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Wow! Hope they will hang in there til fall decorating time! They look great! I guess you can always cook them up if they look like they are starting to rot. I don't know how long the pumpkins will last but probably you should keep them somewhere cool.

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I really like the one second from the left, you should enter that in a fair. Most of those should make it because you seem to take good care of your pumpkins.

However if I were a betting man I'd say that at least the one on the left won't make it until Halloween. If you notice it is slightly paler and the stem is a pale green. That stem will collapse on itself and shrivel. Based on looks alone it is the least healthy of the pumpkins. However, they're all still such beautiful pumpkins.

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I agree trev. That one had SVB in the main vine and the stem was going bad. It is still however a firm pumpkin and I check him in particular daily to see if I need to pitch him.

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That one second from the left is simply a beutiful specimin. What variety are they? All the same or are there some different ones?


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Not sure I could tell you CH. Planted about 4 varieties and the vines are all over. That one came from the end of the patch with the Howden's but there are also squash growing on that end and those plants are 30 feet on the other side of patch. So could be any of the varieties just stretching out.

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