Healing a wound on pumpkin.

Sid23August 29, 2012

So as I have been posting, I am harvesting quite early due to many factors including early ripening, various bug infestations etc. I have a few pumpkins with quite small "bites" taken from them (1/4 inch or so) I have had this before and they skin over and heal with a bit of a scar. Does any one know if I harvest with the wound will it heal over during curing or should I leave them on the vine to scar over. I am afraid for them to be out in the patch much longer for something, presumably a mouse, or whatever to continue to munch on them.

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On the vine they will heal, off the vine it is sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'd leave it on the vine unless you don't mind risking a few that may not heal.

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Thanks Trev. That is what I thought. I have a mouse or chipmunk something out there. They seem to be more interested in the squash than the pumpkins but if they keep taking a bite out of every one I will have to risk harvesting them. Most of them are nearly all orange just a week or so left and they will be there!

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I too am in the same situation with my jack-be-little pumpkins. Just a bite or two then they move on to the next one.

I have a ton of pumpkins so what I did was cut the bitten ones from the plant, so that the pumpkin doesn't drain energy from the plant. But I left them in the patch, because if I were to remove them and the critter gets hungry again it would only have unbitten pumpkins to munch on. This way there is a chance it will try to eat an already ruined one instead of spoiling more.

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