Anyone know of a bulk source of biochar in Michigan??

kmcdonouJanuary 19, 2010

I just recently got turned on to the idea of using biochar in my garden (for those that don't know anything about biochar see this article in Mother Earth News Actually, I was planning to use it in my worm compost bin, but if I could buy enough in bulk, was considering putting on my vegetable garden. I've found someone on Ebay that sells it, along with someone else online, but I'd like to buy it in Michigan so I can save on shipping.

Does anyone know of anyone producing biochar on a commercial level in Michigan?

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rawb(5, Erie shoreline)

I have no idea.. Sorry.. but I did find that Mich. Tech is working on it. I didn't go thru the whole page, but perhaps someplace on this page you can contact someone who may know where to buy commercial biochar..

Here is a link that might be useful: Michigan Tech

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I did contact them, but no one responded. I asked the lead faculty member and the director of the Terra Preta project and neither one responded to my emails. Pretty disappointing.

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rawb(5, Erie shoreline)

Figures! Or maybe they already started spring break early?.. LoL..

Perhaps if you asked to be an independent field tester they might have replied?

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i've wondered, why can't a person just buy real wood charcoal, crush it up & add it to the soil?

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My husband and I own a new company in Cadillac Michigan that produces biochar. Our website is in development (
We are currently producing biochar on a low volume and are increasing our output by the week. If you are interested in what we may do for you, please call my husband, Mark, at 231-920-1234 (cell). Or, you could e-mail him at

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