diggerb2(z5oh)January 22, 2005

more snow to shovel today.

surely there must be something new on the great Lakes forum

worth looking into to avoid the task at hand. If I'm looking for diversion, maybe someone else is looking for a new posting too.

Suggestions on zone 5 shade loviong yellow flowering plants?


I'm stuck in my office today

help me

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

lamium (dead nettle.) can be aggressive, so I'm told. Mine is staying in it's little clump so far. Last year was gorgeous, but this year's got bad bug bites. Really looked ratty. Last year was stunning though.

Enjoy the snow. My dear neighbor took his snowplow to the end of my driveway, so at least we didin't have to dig out the big pile left by the city snowplows.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Trout lilies are pretty cute, quite yellow faced, red backsides on flower. Lily shaped trumpet, but small. Might be in wildflowers area. They bloom early, not all shady yet under trees. Like a moist soil, shade in later summer. I like the leaves, kind of long points from the root. Nice little spots are attractive. They do spread and thicken up over time, not traveling, but expand a bit, to make a nice mat effect. Not too tall, 5-7 inch leaves, with flowers slightly taller. I lucked into mine, they popped out after we thinned the woods a bit.

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The snow is blowing like crazy here. What I've heard called celandine poppies (stylophorum, I think) are certainly shade lovers and certainly yellow. They're a wee bit rampant too. There's always corydalis lutea and primrose.

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I'm sidelined from the snowshovel for a couple of days,pulled my shoulder trying to push the car ....yellow flrs in the shade-Kirengeshoma is nice as is Uvularia,and Alchemilla will make itself a ground cover for you if you let it .There are also a few members of the Digitalis family that are yellow.

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