Japanese Blood Grass

Ibanez540rJuly 26, 2012

I've recently seen japanese blood grass in an entrance to a new shopping center and loved it. Found out to be japanese blood grass after some research. ...I have a new bed that I started in spring that has some bare spots that need filled in. The bed is river rock and mulch and the spot I need to fill is in the river rock portion. Its near a newly planted Forest Pansy Redbud tree (burgundy). In the area are Knockout roses, walkers low catmint, purple day lilies etc. Theres also some clematis and arborvitaes over the other way ...I was wondering what would be a good flowering companion to put with the Blood Grass???

I'm thinking drift roses but wanted some opinions?

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I'm a grassoholic, so I would normally suggest a flowering grass as a companion. Backup the Blood Grass with a taller flowering grass with different foliage color, like Panicum amarum 'Dewey Blue.'

Another idea, depending upon your climate, would be to back it up with Crocosmia 'Lucifer.' The taller blade-like foliage would set off the Blood Grass, and from June to August, you'd have stunning scarlet red blossoms floating above the Blood Grass.

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Thanks for the response and suggestions. I love 'lucifer' but it wouldn't work in my peticular location. The area is against my patio and more of a forefront so the height wouldn't work. Needs to be lower to give visual to the stuff behind it.

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What zone are you in?

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Sorry... Northeast Ohio, newly appointed Zone 6

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Ah...I've done a lot of gardening in NE Ohio. I used to live in the snow belt, just east of Chagrin Falls. That's where I developed my addiction for ornamental grasses.

How about some of the dwarf Pennisetums? There are at least a few which are the same size or smaller than I. cylindrica, and their habits and foliage colors are different but complimentary. My favorite is P.a. 'Little Honey,' although I'm just trying some P. macrourum 'White Lancer' and I love its blooms. It might be too tall at 18" in the foliage and up to 3' for the flowers, but the flowers are so slim, it might just work.

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