Long fence needs flowering vine

queenyJanuary 29, 2006

Hi, I am new to the forum. I live in Southeast Michigan and have an acre, with a koi pond. I need something for my long fence in my backyard. I took down the grapevine as it was many years old and way overgrown. I miss the privacy though. I know my neighbors hated the grapevine, they were always killing it. The neighbors that did though, have all passed away. I tried some clemantis and nothing much happened. I tried three different rose climbers and they all died through the winter. It's facing south and it seems to be a low spot in our yard. We get a small pond about four feet from the fence in the spring thaw.

So I was thinking trumpet vine until I read how invasive it is. I do have a picture of the area if anyone wants to see it.

thanks to anyone that answers this

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why don't you go with some annual vines (morning clory, moonflower, sweet peas) until you can get a perrenial vine
to take hold. reconsider your clematis, but it will take 2 or 3 years to get going. also what type of fence do you have-- it will make some difference in the types of vines you plant. also does it get any road salt? and how bad is your wet spot. i like virginia creeper, but it doesn't flower.
silver-lace vine is often suggested, but can be weedy like a trumpet vine. maypop would be cool--its a hardy passion flower family vine. and you can research more roses, as surely there are hardy, tolerant climbler and ramblers for your area

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I think I will keep trying clematis. I don't know why they keep dying there. This area does not get any salt.I like your idea of annuals until the clematis takes off. Thanks for your ideas!

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nohandle(6a swON)

diggerb2 wrote: "what type of fence do you have-- it will make some difference in the types of vines you plant."

I'm new to this, having just purchased my first backyard, and I plan on planting some flowering vines in a couple areas - garage exterior (cinder block wall) and border fence made of wood about 5 or 6 feet high.
I was hoping to plant a few different vines like sweet pea, bittersweet, morning glory, clematis, virgina creeper (for shaded area) and trumpet vine (but not anymore!!!...plan changed after browsing around this site).

Will these all grow ok on these structures?
Anything I need to do to help them grow vertically (other than a trellis I mean)?

While I'm at it I might as well ask if anyone has any other suggestions. My locations for these vines range from full shade to full sun.


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