Watering OG's?

rdh1994(z5 IL)July 8, 2005

Since it has been so terribly dry where I live should I water any of my OG's? I planted them all last Fall and this is their first real year. They're all growing fine but I didn't know if there were certain kinds that should be watered if it is too dry. I have several different kind and I don't have all the different kinds handy (especially since they're all so hard to spell!) but if any stand out in your mind that definitely need water please list them.


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Lora, the grasses vary widely in their water needs, but if you have 'normal' warm season growers like Miscanthus and Pennisetum, grasses that get big in the summer before blooming, you probably don't need to water them until you see obvious signs that they need it.

An exception would be those that haven't been in the ground for at least 2 years. Younger plants need more attention. Just like us!

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since they are newer you prolly should water them some.

normally they will do okay without water... but then watering helps them grow bigger and stay nicer looking, or in other words they are low care plants that will still benefit from being pampered

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