porcupine ornamental grass...what to do?

cgw1July 9, 2012

Hi experts,

It is hot and dry here in zone 6, Ontario and I have a question. I have a new bed ready for plants and I want a porcupine O.G. in there. If I plant it now (water well), will it get a head start and be bigger next summer or would it be the same if I waited until cooler September weather?

I am anxious for this specimen to be WOW, but can wait to plant/transplant the other items until fall.

Thank you for your help and I WILL listen.

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If you plant it now, and give it serious TLC, it will be larger next year than if you plant it in September. Serious TLC means not only watering it religiously, but giving it shade from hot mid-day sun, and possible even misting it during really hot weather.

How much bigger? Only a little bit.

Is it worth the effort? Probably not.

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Thank you donn,
I suspected the same and will wait until fall to buy and plant.

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In your climate, I'd recommend against a fall planting. Miscanthus is a warm season grass and root growth halts as soon as soil temperatures cool. This makes it difficult to get established before the cold and wet of winter and fall planted miscanthus often fail from root rot or cold damage.

Better to plant now, taking appropriate measures donn has outlined, or wait until spring.

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