can these be direct sown?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)January 3, 2012

I know normally with cabbage and broccoli you start them indoors as transplants from seed, then harden them off. This is because they take so long to grow, otherwise you don't get a harvest.

However I found a very early maturing variety of both

broccoli and cabbage. The broccoli is early dividend and takes 45 days to mature; cabbage is just a normal green variety, and it takes 40 days to mature.

So would I be able to direct sow them in early spring?

By 'early spring' I mean mid to late April, if weather cooperates; if this isn't feasible, then beginning of May.

The reason I ask this is because normally you transplant broccoli and cabbage out (after they've been hardened off) when they're 4-5 weeks old.

However if I started these varieties indoors then by the time they're ready to be transplanted, since they're so quick to mature, wouldn't they be ready to harvest if direct sown outdoors?

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I would believe so. If you got the seeds from a purchased seed packet you can contact their customer service who are normally very helpful.

Another thing you can do is cover the planting area with black plastic to let the sun heat up the soil prior to planting your seeds. I'd say a month before you want to plant.

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