it is going to rot?

masondadAugust 18, 2006

Hi all, I know this question must have been asked before, but I could not find it in the archives.

My son planted miniture punpkins near our house to surprise everyone when the grew. Being the mischievious dad, I replanted with large pumpkin. Needless to say my son was schocked when teh pumkins started growing. We have to large pumpkins (about 15 pounds) and several smaller one starting to grow. (Hopefully they will be ripe in Oct)

Well, here is my question, the vine on one of the larger ones broke yesterday. The pumpkin was only aboaut 6 weeks old. Will it rot, or will it ripen? should I leave it outside? Bring it inside? or throw it away?

Thanks for the help, my son is having so much fun watching them grow. Plus he is learning about female/male plants and pollination. We will definitely have a larger pumpkin garden next year.

one side note..... I tought the kid (8yrs) about how to pollinate a pumpkin plant, he did one and than ran in to tell his Mom..."Mommy, I pollinated for the first time" Mom, not being any kind of gardner... was a little scared of what he actually

thanks for the help


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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Its best to leave it where it is and take a chance it will mature. Good luck.

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If the pumpkin is still light green sorry it will certainly rot but if the pumpkin is a deep green it will turn orange on it's own and live. Also if the pumpkin has any yellow or orange on it at all (other than the varieties that are that color throughout their whole life cycle) it will certainly be able to finish turning orange off the vine. If the vine begins to rot away getting close to the stem you should certainly cut the pumpkin off because even if the pumpkin is healthly the rot of the vine will continue up to the stem of the pumpkin and that wouldn't make for a nice looking pumpkin.

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thanks for the help. There seems to be a little orange on it. It is SO hot out, and teh vine is dying. I think I may put it in the boys room and see what happens.


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