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ehunt123(5a)July 13, 2014


I am looking to place an order for a tray of Japanese Blood Grass 'Red Barron'. I'd wind up with the plugs toward the end of the month, yielding 2 solid months of time to grow before we hit the 'cold nights' and first frosts, usually around the end of October (Southern NH/Zone 5a). They look to come in 1x1x2" deep trays, so they'd be pretty small. Would it be advisable to hold off and have the plugs delivered next Spring after last frost? Could I plant them in my hell strip and heavily mulch after the top growth dies? Or, could I get the tray and pot up, growing them indoors over the Winter for a Spring planting? I have a home-built DIY grow setup that sits in a cooler room, with 4x105w CFL.


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This is not a grass I would introduce, especially in a mass planting.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I know the dangers on it if it reverts to the "Green" form. From reading here about people in Zone 5, there seemed to be no problems with maintaining but it being invasive. Mine is also contained by physical borders. I also talked with the MG at a local nursery, who used to carry it, and they had no problems with it.

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It's a cool season grass, so will continue to develop roots well into fall and until the soil freezes - I'd be inclined to plant them this fall provided you can get some decent growth on them in the interim. Otherwise, I'd just grow them on indoors until you can plant out in spring.

FWIW, I have never seen this variety revert to the species but I would still be diligent. Otherwise, it does not produce viable seed so invasive likelihood is minimal.

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Sorry about that, some people have no idea of this tendency so they wouldn't catch it happening. If this year keeps acting weird, you might have cooler than normal summer temperatures, cool enough to get them well established before major freezes if you keep them well watered and planted them now. Here cool season grasses don't do well in our heat, they shut down. I set out cool season grasses in late August or early Sept.

I'm currently growing plugs of Ring Muhly from seeds I purchased so I can get them in the ground while its still warm (warm season grass).

I am planning to try to start plugs of Blue Fescue, (cool season) to set in the ground by early September when our temps get a bit lower. Here we are usually warm until late November, two months is what I am counting on. I read a thread on this forum that said you can sow these anytime so I'm going to try some to see if they germinate.

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