Planting Hardy Banana Trees in Georgia

celeste(7a)August 13, 2008

Ok, I did a search and found over 3000 mentions of bananas, but nothing about planting them. So, can anyone tell me if they are understory or full sun trees? I do see them out in full sun, but would love to put the 2 I have in semi-shade. How 'bout it. Who's the banana tree expert out there?

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They will survive but be very tall with few leaves. I also doubt you will have bananas. Anything other than Musa basjoo you will need to protect over the winter in order to get bananas.
Make sure your soil is well draining or the corms will rot over the winter.
I never protect my Musa basjoos. The bananas are not edible.
Orinoco is a good one. It takes a full year to 18 months to get bananas. When they do fruit you may have to cut the stalk off and let it ripen inside the house. Just not quite enough growing time in my area.
These were take over a month ago.
There is a 'Banana Forum' if you need more information.

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WOW, even has fruit. Is that Basjoo?

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Yes Alex it's Musa basjoo.

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amyta(z8 mid GA)

Boy, what a beautiful banana and a beautiful yard. Very well done!

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This post was last made five years ago so I am inquiring the same. I live an hour eastward from the coast and it does freeze during the winter. We do have a pool, but no pool house. The ground is sandy and well drained for the most part and the front of the two story houses faces south, the pool is on the east side, a barn on the north side and the gardens t the north of the barn. We have a few old pines to the west of the property, they exceed 100 feet so it is possible they shade the gardens in late afternoon. We also have some pecan trees more than 50 years old to the North of the house. I read full sun, do not shade and drain soil well. So the quandary is where to plant for success and beauty. It will occasionally freeze during the winter so I suspect banana will not grow if the stalk is frozen back annually. Should I green house them to protect from frost? There is no heat attempt at the green house.

Here is a link that might be useful: bee blog with photo of gardens

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