weird yellow squash

sundaypaxAugust 13, 2014

Hello, I had given my mother in law several summer and winter squash seeds from seed packets when she visited me last summer at our home in El Cajon, CA. Now we're visiting her in VT and her garden is doing great, but we can't figure out what type of squash this is. I first thought it was a straight neck yellow squash that was extremely happy with the VT climate but it doesn't have a skinny neck, although the stem is yellow. The skin is very soft. Since all the seeds were from packets, I don't think this could be a hybrid but who knows? I did an online search and the closest thing to it is a round zucchini squash. We plan on cooking this baby tonight...we'll see what the seeds look like. Does anyone know what this is?

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I'm definitely no expert, but it honestly looks like a pumpkin from the maxima family, and it's skin is soft because it was immature. Here is one from my patch. I'm not sure about the exact variety, but from the stem I can tell it's from the maxima family. Any chance it's a volunteer from her throwing an old pumpkin out?

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