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tcstoehrAugust 17, 2012

I used to think all vining squashes produced adventitious roots at the leaf joints. But I have a huge bed of Delicata (Pepo) with no sign of any adventitious roots. However my Sibley and Sweat Meat, both Maximas, put out roots at all leaf joints even when they're not touching the soil. I encourage this where possible by pushing soil under the vines and watering those areas. Oddly enough, my Maximas are prone to some wilting while the Delicatas never wilt at all.

Anyway, my question is which squashes produce adventitious roots? Can this be divided by species? Or do some varieties in one species differ from another?

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Interesting, I've seen adventitious roots on C. pepo, C. maxima, and C. moschata, as well as Lagenaria siceraria. I've never tried to quantify the degree to which they root, but don't think it would be out of line to assume different varieties might have different propensities to form adventitious roots. Much the way different varieties have different degrees of natural disease resistance.

That being said if the microclimate isn't just right it won't root. I know when my vines run along barren earth they don't form roots nearly as much as when they run in the grass that has dew every morning. I actually found it is quickest and easiest to just bury the vines with an inch or so of good soil or compost in order to encourage more roots.

Personally I've never seen adventitious roots in any bush varieties. Maybe they don't have them or maybe I've never noticed.

Those roots though are incredibly useful. They really help create a much more robust plant that is more capable of supporting fruit and fighting disease. Not to mention they can save a plant from SVB.

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