American Beach Grass or Feral Lawn?

edlincoln(6A)July 20, 2013

Is this American Beach Grass or escaped lawn? It is very green now, in an uncharacteristically hot and wet late July in Zone 6, Turns ugly brown in early Fall. The spot is too steep to mow. Moderately high grass, gets lots of salt spray but is never flooded. Grows on a mixture of sand and gravel. Avoids the steep clay parts of the embankments.

Als wondering if I should supplement by overseeding with Little Blue Stem or Sea Oats.

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These seem to have cylindrical stalks.

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Based on the seed heads, there is definitely ABG in there, but there are at least one, and maybe two others as well.

Little Bluestem wouldn't hurt, but C. latifolium might take over the whole space.

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Thanks donn_

What's C. Latifolium? Is that Sea Oats?

Would it really crowd out established grass in Zone 6 winters? I suppose it's good I haven't found a good source of it, then.

I'm looking for something decorative for further erosion control, that can fill in the bare sandy and clay patches on the embankment.

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Chasmanthium latifolium = Northern Sea Oats

It's hardy to zone 3, and naturalizes with wild abandon. It can reach 4-5' in height, and sometimes flops in heavy rain. Any shorter plant material will have quite a struggle living under it.

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