Blue Banana Winter Squash

tcstoehrAugust 18, 2009

Are the following squashes all the same variety?

Blue Banana

Guatemalan Blue

Guatemalan Blue Banana

I can find Guatemalan Blue and Guatemalan Blue Banana for sale, and I'm assuming they're the same.

But I can't find Blue Banana for sale anywhere, and I'm wondering if it's just another name for Guatemalan Blue Banana.

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Yes. Years ago it was offered simply as the Blue Banana. Today most "heirloom" vendors will list as Guatemalan Blue Banana. Never enjoyed great popularity.

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Amy Goldman lists Blue Banana in her book on squash and has it listed in the 2009 Seed Savers Yearbook as Blue Banana a.k.a.Mexican Banana. I plan on trying it next year.

There is also a Guatamala Blue listed and I have that growing this year with seed from Sand Hill Preservation.

I also have Sibley growing which is I guess a banana type with tapered ends and is widely available.

I am very fortunate this year and have had very little disease in the maximas. I lost 1 Sibley and 1 Amish Pie Pumpkin and 1 Potimarron out of about 20 plants. I have not lost 1 moschata ot of about 30.

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Hmmm... yes. Amy Goldman's book suggests that "Blue Banana" and "Guatemalan Blue" are different varieties. Farmerdilla seems knowledgeable about squash varieties and he says they're the same. One way to find out.

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