Planting directions for Miscanthus & Pennisetum?

amna(6 (MA))July 19, 2008

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow I will put 3 each of:

Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus (gallon pot)

Pennisetum orientale Karly Rose (quart/half gallon pot?)

Pennisetum orientale Hameln (quart/half gallon pot)

into the ground in my small front yard. I was wondering if anyone has planted these grasses in zone 6 and if so could you please tell me what the ideal spacing should be between the grasses? For example, my husband thinks the miscanthus can be planted about 2 feet apart? Is that enough or will they suffocate? Also I think the pennisetums get wider than tall? How far apart should I put each of those from one another? Also is it OK to plant at the same depth that they are sprouting from in the pot?

I wanted to use the miscanthus close to the house more like a foundation planting and for the pennisetums, I wanted to plant them as a mixed clump in the middle of the yard so they are more free standinding. Does that sound like a good idea? Any other suggestions or advice is very welcome. Hope I won't kill them all in the process.



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dereks(6 Utah)

I'm sure you have these grasses in the ground already, but I would plant the miscanthus at least six feet apart. That's just my opinion. I like seeing each stand of grass.

Pennisetums can get a bit wide. I would give them four feet of space.

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amna(6 (MA))

Thanks for you response, dereks.
I had already put them in the ground but luckily managed to get the spacing pretty much as you recommended. So thanks again. They're doing pretty well so far. The Karly rose seems really floppy though - pretty much all the plumes are dragging on the ground? Don't quite know what to do about that but we shall see what happens.


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dereks(6 Utah)

Don't judge Karly quite yet. Give her another year and I'm sure she will look much better. Remember no ferts and don't amend your soil too much. Grasses tend to flop with too much fertilizer and rich soils.

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