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I'm not sure on which forum to paste this, so I'm jumping in with hopes of someone being able to answer my questions.

I planted canteloupe this year and the vines looked beautiful until about a week ago. We got a lot of rain during the first two weeks of July, but during the last two weeks and the first of August, we've gone back to drought status.

The vines were green, but now they are turning yellow and look as though they have some kind of fungus on the leaves. They have a white-ish color on them. Since we are having a drought, could it still be a mold or fungus? Is it just time for the vines to be playing out, thus resulting in the yellowing of the leaves?

The fruit, itself, is smaller than I expected, and some of the ones that ripen have a split in them.

What am I doing wrong, and what is causing this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like powdery mildew. There are many sites with pictures that you can find using google just to be sure. If you feel it is powdery mildew you need a fungicide (I use Daconil 2787). If you don't want to use chemicals you can simply remove diseased leaves and be sure not to let any of the leaves stay wet overnight by watering in the morning.

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Thank you! Unfortunately since my post, the leaves no longer have the white substance on them...mainly because they are all just about yellow and falling off. I would say, "LOL!" but it's really not "LOL" is it? :)

We've had record highs this past week, hitting over the 100 degree mark and well over the 100 degree mark in heat index. My whole garden, with the exception of hot peppers, looks as if it is frying. I've been watering on our days but I guess with the extreme heat and heat index and even when watering in the morning, it just evaporates before the roots get any to drink.

Again, thank you for your response. I will certainly keep the fungicide in mind...didn't know what would be a good one...for next year.


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