'Little Kitten' Ornamental Grass Transplanting Questions

greengardener07July 31, 2007

Hi All!

I recently transplanted (about a week ago to more precise) Dwarf Miscanthus "Little Kitten" from one yard (parents house) to another (my house). It stands about three or three and a half feet tall, and about two feet wide. The foliage is a silver-green, a little more green than silver.

Over the past two days, that foliage has turned brown and more silver than green where it did not turn brown. I have generously watered over the past two days, as prior to that we had some seriously heavy downpours mixed in with our steady showers.

Is this a case of transplant shock? What are the chances of survival for it? I know it is slated for the mid to possibly upper 90's here for the next five or so days.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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It's likely transplant shock. You moved it a bit late, and right in the middle of it's strongest growing season. Keep it well watered when rain doesn't take care of it, and it'll probably do just fine. It may not regain it's earlier look this year, but after next spring's haircut, it'll probably come back beautifully.

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