Growing an Atlantic Giant in the back yard

andyandy(6bMI)August 11, 2005

I planted an Atlantic Giant in my back yard this spring. The plant has gotten quite large (about 800 square feet). I am a novice so I didn't really know what to expect. I finally have a pumpkin that seems to be growing rapidly. I would guess that it is about 10" long with a diameter of about 7". it is getting noticeably bigger every day. I know I'm not going to set any records but is it still possible to get a 2-400 pound pumpkin. At this stage of development is there anything more I can do to increase my chances. I have been watering every 2 out of 3 days. we've had very little rain here the last couple of weeks. What kind of fertalizer can I use. I live on a city block so I can't use anything to smelly. I would appreciate any suggestions. I also have what I think is a "Big Max". I would guess that weighs about 80 pounds.

thanx, Andy

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Alot depends on what seed you grew....shelf seed or Weeks Atlantic Giant seeds will go up to 200 or so max. Private stock have gone 1400plus. If your seed is from a known pumpkin (ex: 873Andrews04) then yes...200-400 is still possible. Watch for powdery mildew now...spray a fungiside every week and you'll have a good shot at a big'n.

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The seed is from a pumpkin I bought last year for Halloween. The pumpkin was about 600 lbs. I will get a fungicide right away. Should I add any fertalizer. I planted the plant in a spot where I had let hundres of pounds of pumpkins decompose from last fall. I have also put a great deal of rotting vegetables near the main vine root next ot it. I covered that up with a 40lb. bag of Humas/manure. I am continuosly adding old vegetables. Will this work and which spot is more important to fertalize the main stem (where the plant began which is about 5-6 inches thick or the vine roots near the plant. Thank you for your help I'm starting to get exited.

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We generally fertilize and water the whole area as the roots are extensive and should cover the soil 5 foot pat the plants (easily.) Many competition growers drench the stump area independently of the rest of the plant also. With all that new veggie matter you would probably do ok just letting it ride....I'd be careful in the future with rotting produce...rot is usually fungus ridden and fungus is NOT our friend. Well composted veggie matter is the best. If its growing well i'd just let it ride....maybe a stump drench here and there with some miracle grow or fish need to watch the fruit, watch the will tell you if its hungry.

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