Pumpkin Progress Update

football45013August 1, 2012

So, I planted 2 Big Max seeds on June 9th and I just wanted to give an update on the progress. August 9th will be the 2 month anniversary of my planting. The picture pretty much explains everything. So far, so good. I haven't found any signs of diseases or infestation yet. The vine on the right is growing like crazy, while the left vine is just putting along, lol. But it has finally started to gain some momentum and is now starting to grow a little more each day. It's weird how one vine can grow like a weed, while another grows so sloooowww. Anyways, that's my update and hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. Well, I'll be back in another month for another update. Peace out!

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They look good, but small. Are they getting plenty of sun? Don't know your zone, but it seems like they could be bigger? Good luck with them. It's fun to grow pumpkins.

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I'm in Zone 6. They get over 6 hours of sun per day, which is what the packet recommended they get. I don't know why the vine on the left is so far behind in growth. I don't have much faith in getting anything out of that one. I just don't think it's going to mature in time before the first freeze hits.

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