Are all Gourd blossoms white?

Posie(z3 MN)August 21, 2006

I thought I had planted a squash and it does have yellow blooms but is developing what looks like a dipper gourd. Are all gourd blooms white or do some yellow ones show up?

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Hi Posie, All hard shell gourd flowers are white and bloom at night. Soft shell ornamental gourds have yellow flowers and bloom during the day. I would say whatever you have is definitely not a hard shell gourd, which a dipper gourd is. How big is this squash/gourd? Gene

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Posie(z3 MN)

This is strange, maybe my plant was crossed with something as it has developed yellow "squash" which look like zucchini but where the blossom ends touched the ground, they started to rot.(Got rid of them). Other "squash" developing are green and they are about 1& 1/2 ft. long now and are bulging on one end like a dipper BUT they are "fatter" than the dipper gourds were. Thanks for your help, I'lljust keep track of them and see what developes ! Guess strange things sometimes happen out there in the garden. The blooms are definetly yellow and bloom during the day.I planted snake gourds and they are all over the place, some are 30 ft. up in an apple tree. I've cut most of them back to see if some of the first blooms will develop in our area where we do not have 130 growing days.

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Could it just be a cushaw or crookneck or neck pumpkin. The immature fruits are all green and have yellow blossoms. I think the yellow zucchini like things are just squash that didn't make it and hence why they rot.

Oh and snake gourds are lots of fun. This is my first year growing them and from one seed so far I have 7 of them that are over 3 feet long growing in an old dead dogwood tree.

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