wallisadiMay 9, 2013

begonia serrissa

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Mark - You gave me one of those begonias last fall at Silvia's party. I kept it in my greenhouse during the winter. It bloomed late winter to early spring. The warmer temps must have caused my plant to bloom sooner than yours. Do they bloom again during the year?


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Mark and Christine, is that Begonia Odorata? Does it have a light scent when you get close to it? I've heard that is a great plant! I will get one some day. It is so pretty!

Carol in Jacksonville

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whgille(FL 9b)

Carol, I didn't notice any scent but it is for sure pretty!

Thank You Mark


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Begonia odorata - will rebloom - great plant in my gardens.
Mark - I see you have that wild primrose or whatever it is..the little violet flower. I rue the day I found one of those growing wild at a neighbors and brought it home. One little plant that has taken over!!!
Serrissa is one of my favorites and love to see yours blooming.

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It does do that......was my prize plant a couple of years ago, now ripping it out by the handful! But controllable ....blooms ALL summer!! :)

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Carol - My guess is that it is begonia odorata. Several years ago I grew a patch of them in a shady area but they got frozen. This one will stay in a pot.


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