What squash is this?

KnarfEKAugust 26, 2013

I though I planted Butternut seeds. Bright yellow ovals grow to about 6-8 inches diameter then this one started wrinkling/drying and turning white. White area is softer than the yellow area.


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Lesson learned: don't buy cheap seeds.

Seems this is not even a winter squash. That white was the squash starting to rot so I cut that one down and opened it. Seeds nowhere near ripe. Looks like a normal yellow summer squash inside. Fried up a slice in oil and pepper and taste was like yellow summer squash, a bit milder and wetter and the edible skin was just slightly tough. I will grill a slice later today over charcoal to see how it tastes that way. Also thinking they may be usable for succotash as there is far more seedy part than fleshy part to these. Still no idea what it is.

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Well, whatever it is, it's yummy charcoal grilled with pepper and cajun spice.

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planetes(7b (Cascadia - PNW))

That blossom end looks suspiciously like C. Maxima too me.. Butternuts are C. Moschata so it's not even the right species

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