Northern sea oats under walnut?

saintsaltyAugust 6, 2006

Anyone have any experience with Chasmanthium latifolium under a black walnut? I planted it about four to six weeks ago and it was doing great but now it's beginning to show signs I've come to associate with walnut wither, i.e., yellowing leaves, brown and crispy at the edges from the bottom up.

There was some webbing at the crown, however, as well as some variegation along the length of a few leaves that I assume shouldn't be there and that aren't yellow (at least not yet). It's in a moist area--with all the rain and humidity in the past month, all the other plants haven't needed a drop from the hose, but this grass never seems to get enough water and is often drier than anything else in the area.

Am I simply not watering enough? Is it an insect issue? I should mention that some nearby hostas (always seem to be moist when I check) which are juglone tolerant are exhibiting some yellowing, though not to anywhere near the same degree. I'm new to gardening so any help would be appreciated.

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I did an hour of Googling, and can't find any references of Juglone tolerance in Chasmanthium. I must admit, there is precious little information about ornamental grasses and Walnut, except for Festuca, which seems to be tolerant.

It should be noted that as the Walnut tree grows larger, and expands it's root system, some Juglone tolerant plants lose their tolerance, because of the increase of Juglone. This may be what's happening to your Hosta.

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I couldn't find anything online either. I checked the usual lists before I planted it, and they didn't mention NSO either way, so I knew there was a risk.

I'm new to gardening and don't know from pests and whatnot yet so I wondered if someone had previously tried it in order to either blame or excuse the Circle o' Death. ;)

It's still kicking though, so hopefully it'll stick around.

Anyway, thanks for the extensive Google


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