ID Hanging grass

jayteacher(z6 BC Canada)August 10, 2005

We bought this beautiful trailing/hanging grass at a greenhouse in Northern Alberta (it's got a blooming Browelia in with it). It was identified as bamboo grass, but we have not found any information on the net about such a grass. It grows well (and quickly) in sun or shade and is not frost tolerant as far as we know. I think it might be a type of Signalgrass, but really not sure. Any ideas?

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hillspride(z6 TN.)

Looks like Hakonechloa macra to me. If so, zone 4 is the hardiness. Grows well in cool climates. Should have a nice orange color in the fall.
Anthony in TN.

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jayteacher(z6 BC Canada)

Thank you Hillspride for taking the time to try to identify this trailing grass. The nursery where we purchased it has since contacted us to tell us that it is "Agrostis Green Twist" It is a very interesting and beautiful grass and worth trying in a hanging basket.


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I don't think it's Agrostis 'Green Twist.' The foliage on A. stolonifera 'Green Twist,' a Bent Grass, is much finer. I find it listed as an annual, tropical plant. Did you buy it as an annual?

Agrostis stolonifera 'Green Twist'

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I just found another listing as a perennial to zone 3. Creeping Bentgrass, an evergreen.

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jayteacher(z6 BC Canada)

Hi Donn

We bought the plant in Northern Alberta, Canada (zone 2-3) where it is sold as an annual.
We now live in the lush Okanagan region of south central BC, with growing conditions similar to Oregon, but at a zone 6 (ish) We have very hot summers. The grower says that the plant should winter over here. I'm not sure if it will go dormant, or continue to grow, however.
It appears to be very popular in Danish and Israeli nurseries, as that is where most of the information that I could find is posted.
The nursery told us that the grass is definitely Agrostis Green Twist. The picture that we show is from a small (one inch) clump that we potted less than two months ago. When it fills out the basket, the leaves do become finer and more dense.

Thanks for the input. How is the summer going in Long Island? We have a guest visiting from Manhattan and she is shocked at the heat we have in "the frozen north" lol



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Jay, it's currently 85°F with 80% relative humidity.

I found all those foreign language listings for it as well, but I love the look of the grass. I'm going to keep chasing it to see if I can find plugs nearby, or seeds to grow species plants.

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loislaney(Zone 5/6 E. Ore)

I bought some of this grass also. The tag says Agrostis stolonifera, Bamboo Grass. I looked this up and all I could find was that it was a creeping bentgrass. My neighbor bought some last year and transplanted some in another pot and it didn't take long for it to go to seed. She thought if the seeds got in her flower garden it could take over. Now I am concerned, anybody know anything about this?

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