Adding ammonia to fertilizer- pumpkin questions

lsst(7b)August 7, 2009

I am so frustrated about my pumpkins.

I can not get some of the plants to produce female flowers. The few that have- have withered and died even after hand pollinating.

I planted the seeds around the beginning of June.

We have had high temps in the 90's and I am treating for PM.

I saw in another post about adding ammonia to liquid fertilizer. What does the ammonia do to the pumpkin plant?

Could the high heat be an issue with my plants?

I have tons of male blooms.I have a lot of happy bees! LOL

Some of the plants refuse to grow any vines off the main vine.It is as if they have stopped growing. (white pumpkins)

I have about 12 plants of different varieties of pumpkins and would love even just one pumpkin for my daughter to have for Halloween.

My squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and watermelons have done well so this problem has me stumped.

Thanks in advance.

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Pinch off the tip of all mains. This will encourage lateral branch growth and hopefully female flowers. Pumpkins and some gourds just keep growing main with lots of male flowers at first. When you nip the tips they have no choice but grow laterals.

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How much of the tips do I pinch off?

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JUst pinch the very tip, about an inch or so, say beyond the last leave of 1 inch length.
Pinch it rather than cutting. Pinching will partially close the capillary tubes.

Once the main is pinched, it will be forced to branch out, there is no way around it.


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Adding Ammonia to fertilizer????

I have heard you add it to your compost, to speed up decomposition. If I remember it right ammonia's formula is : NH3. When added to compost The "N" will activate composting. Of course household ammonia is only 5% ammonia, 95% water, ( just like vinegar, 95% H2O, 5% acetic acid).

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Thanks for the replies.
Another poster mentioned adding ammonia to miracle grow and fish emulsion to promote blooming and I was wondering what the ammonia did.I googled it and could not find any info.
I pinched off the tips this morning and I hope I did not pinch off too much. I pinched right beyond the first cluster of buds which was about 2- 3 inches.I hope I did not screw up.:(

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