tall grass for mostly shady area

david883(5/6)August 27, 2013

Hi all

I have a spot in the garden in need of something and I think ornamental grass is just the thing. The previous owner of the house put some really nice hydrangeas in the back yard (about 4ft tall and 5-6ft spread) but they're about 6 feet away from the privacy fence and, standing back looking at it, it looks so bare behind it. Its a pretty shady area only getting very slight amounts of dabbled sun throughout the day. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a tall, clumping grass that will do well in almost no sun (lets say 1-1.5 hours throughout the day). Is that a pretty high order haha?

Thanks again!

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Northern Sea Oats or Canada Wild Rye?

However, I probably wouldn't put grass there. My parents use ferns for a similar purpose. Also, Rose of Sharon seems to have accidentally suckered into some shaded spots behind an evergreen hedge, and inexplicably survives. Lily of the Valley also likes shade and has pretty flowers. If you found something that was a nitrogen fixer, it could fertilize the Hydrangeas. Jersey tea is a somewhat shade tolerant nitrogen fixing shrub. (Ceanothus americanus). Might need more sun then you have. You could get a flowering or nitrogen-fixing vine to climb the fence. A vine could get sun from the top of the fence and the other side. (Be careful to check if the vine you pick is invasive in the area.)

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