Cuts in my pumkin vines

jokuehn(5)August 31, 2012

Hi All, One of my pumpkin vines is looking really horrible. It looks like someone went in and cut the vine lengthwise with a knife. Can cucumber beetles do this? Anyone have any ideas why my vine split? Should I just pull it out at this point. The only female flower that I ever got on this fell off. Thanks,


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Do the leaves look healthy, is the vine still growing? If so I would just leave it. I've seen split vines recover nicely. At least on my squash plants, I've had splits from SVB damage, and those have healed over.

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Splits are typically from movement. Could be from the wind, a vine growing over a ledge unsupported, or simply if you move the vine around to weed. They vines really are quite brittle and the tendrils are supposed to secure the vines and keep them from ever moving, if they can find something to hold onto.

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