MSU Conservatory pics

paul_(z5 MI)February 14, 2010

Took these at a Conservatory near Adrian, MI back in September. Though it might make for a nice break from our winter scene. Since I was feeling lazy I'm just posting a link to the site where they are already posted.

Warning the thread is picture heavy!

Here is a link that might be useful: MSU Conservatory

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

Thanks, Paul
Needed that....

The flowers were great, but I kept going back to the top and just staring at the landscape pics.

My new mantra -- The snow will go. The world will grow again.

It will, really. Soon.

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rawb(5, Erie shoreline)

Hey Paul thanks! The pics were nice.. I am a veggie man .. LoL the extent of my 'flower' gardening or ornamental plants gardening is some tulips for early color and I plant marigolds!.. LoL ..

But I do envy all you's that delve into serious plant an shrub gardening... I just don't have the 'know' to put this plant here and this plant with that plant etc..

But I do appreciate beauty when I see it!

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

awesome pics. my new years resolution is to actually go visit other gardens instead of just holing up in my own

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