Heavy snow my cedars are scraping ground

pkguy(5/6)February 9, 2008

With all that heavy wet snow the last few days I just this morning noticed that nearly all of my 100 cedars lining the backyard fences on 3 sides are literally bent over so much they're almost flattened to the ground. I believe they're black cedars and each one is between 7-9 ft tall.

Are they doomed or will they spring back up once the heavy snow has melted. A couple in the front are bent over at the halfway point and I shook the snow off but they didn't spring back

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generally they will recover when the snows melt. right now they wood is stiff with frozen sap so it's not flexing like it does in warm weather. it's fine to carefully remove the snow now, but don't force them upright since the wood is stiff and you may damage or break the branches. when spring arrives you may have to retrain some of the cedars by using ties and posts for support. next fall you might want to consider wrapping them to protect them from snow damage. good luck!

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Thanks for the reply...I just noticed our neighbors across the road, about 35 ft tall and it's tip is now touching the ground... whew.

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