whats up in your yard.

diggerb2(z5oh)February 4, 2006

I might be working on a 12 month garden this year.

I'm late posting this, but January 27th i found a clump of blooming snow drops along my front walk. I've been poking about to see what else is up for the last week. just more snowdrops. the daffs are just starting to show their tips.

i haven't found any crocus yet.

seems spring is coming our way. but it will be another 2 months or so before it actually starts getting here. But the

snow drops were a cheery reminder. now i'll need to find some things that will keep blooming into december here in NE Ohio.

So whats up in your garden today? No fair if you are from zones 7, 8, 9 or 10.


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My daffs are coming up. It's the earliest I've seen them do this in the 9 yrs I've had them. I've had irises start coming up in Feb. when we had mild winters, but they're still sleeping. I know the mild temps we've had lately have helped the daffs get going, but I think all the rain we've had since late Dec. has really helped them. Since my daffs are only up a couple of inches, I don't think this cold weather we're having right now will hurt them. Highs are only supposed to be in the low 30's this week and the lows in the low 20's.
Diggerb, it must be nice to see some flowers at this time.


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treemedic(z4b Ontario)

This morning the SNOW is up about a foot! ;) But before that I had some scila coming up. They have a nice blanket over them now though.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Before yesterday's snow fall, I had snow drops in bloom, here in Ontario. Earliest ever!

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well treemedic & jroot. sorry that you only have snow 'up'
in your yards. I'm just far enough south of cleveland to avoid most of the snow- we only got a dusting, sometimes i'd rather just have 2 feet on the ground from december til march, then we'd really know it was winter.
But other than little clutches of snow drops i have nothing
else in bloom. But as you said they are most unusually early this year

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eleanor_rigby(z5 OH)

And, I am just west of Cleveland. We got 6.5 inches of snow from Wednesday morning until late afternoon. Haven't seen a thing that isn't white since then.


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Shirley Plastow

A whole lot of nothing! About a week ago, the grass was so green and I was really starting to look for some action out there in the garden...but alas this week is quite cold with no snow to protect anything that is close to coming up...just waiting for spring. Lots of birds though..always a treat! No robins yet.

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hi, its diggerb again
last monday i spotted crocus buds while i was looking for
winter aconite. then checked my yard for more crocus buds.
lots of my early purple and yellow fellows were ready to
pop. I was excited on Thursday when i got home form work to see that they had opened.

my neighbor across the street is planting some sort of ball like green bushes today. looks like they just got yanked out of the ground-- he does construction/landscape work so
i'm sure they are part of a demolition. I need him to prune my hawthorn tree-- he has a better eye for that sort of thing than i do.

more plants to come. it really is hard to keep out of the yard to do stuff-- i suffer from low spots and waterlogging. i'm planning to do a rain garden thing this year to help.


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There's a lot more DOWN than up in my yard! We had a really nasty storm a few weeks ago with rain, freezing rain and lots of wet snow and my hollies and two small cedar trees were smushed to the ground by the weight of it. Also broke a branch from near the base of my sand cherry; it looks rather lopsided now! I dug the hollies and the cedars out--the cedars might just be OK, but the hollies cracked near the base.
However, on the UP side I have snowdrops blooming which makes me forget just about everything else! It all just gets better from here on!

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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

Cabin fever bad yesterday so I got out into the yard to "run down" the snow drifts in the turn around. Got out of the car and noticed up next to the house noticed the south side of the house bed. I took a closer look and there balling up at soil level was some of the sedum a friend gave me. Then upon further check there were some reddish green points of some tulips just breaking ground.

They may not last long as we are expecting another two weeks of freezing rain and snow.

Then when the wet weather is over my home is getting a new roof job. I just hope the activity doesn't kill what I have at the foundation.

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hey its diggerb again
yesterday i got home and had iris reticulata in bloom--half dozen at each corner of the 4 beds lining my from\nt walk.
spring is on the way!!!!

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Columbines!!! Fat little tufties of columbine are a coupla inches tall. And the newly planted last fall cobweb houseleeks are all green and full of beans. All 6 of them. Also snowdrops finishing bloom, daffs showing yellow on the buds and the clematis on the south side of the house is leafing! Also foxgloves, malva, sweet william, lamium, lungworts and best of all, a new monkshood is leafing already!!!

Just knowing these guys are out there, waiting for their moment, gets one thru the winter.

Iris blooming, diggerb, wow! Ours are putting up new leaves, even the Japanese.


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karen_w(5 MI)

Snowdrops have been blooming for over a month. (I LOVE them!) Daffs are budded. Daylilies are up. Sedum, too. Tulips are just starting to peek up. Columbines too. Hellebore shoots are breaking the ground.
Buds on lilac and rhododendrons (but they were there all winter.)
Spring is awesome! Now if we'd just get some nice, sunny days so I can clean up without freezing. K.

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I glad that I could stand-UP in my yard after working for 5 hours in it cleaning up the front. The worst was trimming back the barberry hedge and picking up all those stray twigs-but I'm sure to find a few as I walk barefoot during the summer. I have a thick layer of wood chips everywhere, so other than the daylilies, I see nothing-but bunny poo.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

In my Central Ohio garden I am amazed to see my Pulmonaria Pierre's Pure Pink in bloom! It's very early for that. I also have: forsythia, primula, lenton rose, snow drops, crocus and my first daffy.

Spring is really just about here!! Love it.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I pulled all the leaves off the bulbs. Managed to get leaves shredded as well, for my mulch a little later in the season. Left the perennials mostly covered in case of Snow! Rosebushes are still covered.
Bulbs are growing as you watch them! Glad the leaves are off before they snag in foliage while raking clean. Daffs are 6-8 inches. Crocus blooming in all the colors. Lilies are starting to poke thru! I was very surprised to see the Lilies so early. Tulips peeking out of the new beds.

Lots of buds on bushes swelling up. I was whacking the tops off Clematis, dappled Willow, Spirea, Butterfly bushes. These all bloom better with early trimming. Witch Hazel is the prettiest it has ever been, very fluffy looking.

I am already tired of thinking what SHOULD be done before the whole garden breaks out of the dirt! Keep finding new things happening with every look around.

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Hello everyone, it seems that spring ih springing all around.
last week of march, we too k the kids to St Augustine FL for spring break. The snow just before we left was enough to get them to say "we neeeeeed to go somewhere warm"
nice drive down (2" of snow in WVA) but sunny in GA when we
got up sunday am. florida was 70ish and sunny all week.
so nice to see color (NEOhio can be a bit grey). It will be like spring twice for me this year.
Got home to find our daffs (about 500 king alfreds) in bloom in the front yard. how springy!! of course wednesday we had more snow!!!!

but boy do i need to do a lot of yard work-- last year the leaves once again came down after in started snowing.

This week end I'm going back to VA to pick up my car and souvenir transmission.


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my drive to VA was great. got lost in Tenn on my way home-- don't ask it was supposed to be a straight shot north on rt 77.

the last patch of daffs at my house have finally strarted to shrivel-- this are the ones around the deck that's on the north side of the house. they are in the shade for a long time.

my frittalaria have bloomed. only the checkered lily type.
tulips have opened-- almost for 2 weeks now) iris bucherelia (spelling on that) just started this past weekend
as did creeping phlox and uvularia-- i thought those were a goner. i found a trillium leaf the other day-- not sure where it came from.

but boy spring is here, of course we had snow falling on Tuesday-- it only fell-- didn't stay.

the only yard work i've done is plant 2 gold tide forsythia.
I had the neighbor kid cut the front grass-- everyone else on the street had cut theirs-- i felt obligated.



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