Pink Banana Spuash

Sid23August 15, 2011

Any one growing or have grown pink banana squash? Planted some this year and they are huge already! Do you use them as regular squash? I microwave most of my squash or feed to deer in winter. Glad I only planted 3 seeds, had 12 seeds gave 3 each to 3 friends.

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Use like any winter squash. Thier size renders them most useful for pies or other dishes where the squash can be cut up and used. Too big for individual baking. The flesh is good quality.

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Went out with the tape measure today to measure some pumpkins and threw the tape on that PB squash. 22 inches all ready.

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Here is a pic of that crazy Pink Banana Squash in the garden. So far I only see 2 but I think that will be enough!
2 feet long, 7 inches across.

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totally cool! I want to plant some of these in the spring. Where did you get the seeds?
Hope they like heat.
Tally HO!

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I happened to be helping a friend with plumbing and went into a hardware store and found a packet there. I had looked for them for a few years before but no luck. From what I have read they are supposed to be great for pies, sweeter than pie pumpkins. I ended up with three, which will be plenty! If you don't find seeds I imagine you should find some on line.

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The Pink Banana and its variations are fairly widely available. Baker Creek is a good source. There are also orange and blue versions as well as the North Georgia and Georgia Candy Roasters which are size varients.

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