Foxtrot Ornamental Grass (Pennisetum)

corgichic(NYz5)August 20, 2007

Hello. I have 6 plants (3 on either side of my front walk) that have gotten extremely huge and find myself needing to move them over about 12-16inches so I can have my front walk again :). Anyhow, since they are in bloom (with their plumage in full glory,) I guess now is not the time to do that.

Would October be too late to do this move? And would it be ok to divide them then or should it be done in spring? And can anyone tell me is there anything other than for appearance sake, does cutting the grass down after blooming in the fall or in the beginning of spring does to affect the plant growth or hardiness?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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You definitely don't want to divide or transplant the grasses in the fall, or even now, for that matter. It's a warm season grass, and you're at the cold end of its hardiness range, so it's getting ready to go dormant for the winter. Move it in the spring, at the same time you give it its annual haircut. If you cut it back in the fall, you'll run the risk of winter damage, because the dried foliage actually provides some protection for the crown of the plant.

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