Pollen in the mail flower

jokuehn(5)August 16, 2012

Hi All, I want to try hand pollinating. But, when I went to get pollen off of the male flower there is none. I know what it is supposed to look like, so am I too early or late? Also, how can I hand pollinated when the female flower isn't open.... Maybe I am late on that as well?


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Hi there. I recently hand pollinated. I had to wait though until I knew a female was going to open the following morning .... when theclosed blossom tip yellowed up.
I followed the pic tutorial here

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Thanks! I will let you know how it goes.

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Hi, Well, that female flower I saw fell off and that whole vine faded after that. So, no big Max this year. I do have two more hills though. One plant has two female flowers, so I am watching those like a hawk. I looked over the tutorial and will try that. I have two questions though. One, how do you know the male flower will have pollen. I stuck my finger in a male flower to try to get some pollen to come off and no luck. Is that why you tape it shut? Thanks,

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