Fall planting of squash & cucumber

bugtussellmomAugust 13, 2009

I am planting everything by seed, either starting my own, or directly sowing them into the garden.

Is it too late for cucumber, yellow crook-neck and "Dark Green" Zucchini?

I'm getting a variety of answers.

Thanks in advance for helping the newby!

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I would normally allow 90 days for harvestable vegetables from seed. First frost here can be as early as mid-October or late in November so who knows? Blairsville has had first frost in September before.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Vroomp is right, you need to take into consideration days to harvest but also know that we are loosing light, so you add days to harvest in that case UNLESS you go ahead and choose varieties which do well in "short season" growing conditions.

I did plant late tomatoes and squash just because I have space now and even if I get just one fruit from them, I'd say it was a success - although I planted plants, not from seed.

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lrvjim(7 to 8)

Most years you should be able to pick a few squash, average first frost date in Athens is Nov. 10. You will probably need around 70-80 days to mature your squash in the fall so that puts you inside the window. However, you could easily get nothing if we have an early frost. In 1993 Watkinsville recorded a temperature of 32 degrees on Sept. 23. And neither squash nor cucumbers will be happy when nighttime temps start dropping into the 40Âs.

But if youÂre like me and just want to grow a few veggies in your back 40 and like livin' out there on the edge, heck, take a chance, Columbus did. Besides that, seeds are cheap. You just go ahead and do it grrl!

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