Aaaaarghhhhh water!

chris_ont(5a Ont)February 16, 2005

WEll, this is what I woke up to this morning. After a huge amount of rain on top of frozen ground temperatures are now supposed to drop dramatically, no doubt turning this into a skating ring.

Judging by that bench sinking like the Titanic, this is about 3 inches of water.

The front part from that collapsed grass to the stick in the front is perennial beds and bulbs, including *gulp* my imperial lilies who just hate getting their bulbs wet.

So, what are the odds of this coming through okay?

Below is what this is supposed to look like:

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Hi Chris
If the ground is truly frozen, you should be okay. But my guess is that with the repeated freeze-thaw cycles we've had this winter, there will be damage.
That's the way it goes with gardening. Some years, everything sails through. Other years, the elements and the gardening gods are frowning on us.
If the plants don't make it, think of it as a chance to acquire some more. All that room.

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