bumpy skin on pumpkins

vanmontAugust 29, 2014

Is this bumpy texture under my pumpkin normal?

This is my first time growing pumpkins. I'm in the city so the plant is trellised and it looks healthy to me. The variety is Galeux d'eysine or Peanut pumpkin. I understand that these produce a bumpy-when-mature fruit, but these bumps not only look different but are growing from the bottom up rather than from stem down. It's also only been about 10 days since pollination and growth began.

Is it normal or does it look like something else?

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...will discharge brown pus soon too. My fruits develop a crown, where that gunk comes first.

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Thanks acorneti, for the pic. I see that the gunk is coming from the bottom up on your fruit as well so I'll assume that mine will follow the same pattern. So relieved.

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My fears were well founded. This is obviously NOT normal and the pumpkin was rotting the whole time. As you can see, behind the stem that was touching the fruit in the photo, the black rot is now evident.

The fruit will be removed. Perhaps this can serve as a lesson to someone reading this in the future: not all bumps are normal.

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