Photos of grass in Sissinghurst White Garden --- I.D.?

crocosmia_mn(z4)August 31, 2005

The label near this grass said "Stipa barbata" but all the web photos I can find of Stipa barbata don't really look like the Sissinghurst grass. The feathery parts were completely loose and flexible, and the plant would sort of stand up in the wind and then fall down gracefully all over its neighbors when the wind was still. I took these pictures last year at the end of July. Any ideas what this lovely grass is?

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

You might check Darke's ornamental grass encyclopedia as he has a picture of Stipa Barbata in his book.


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It's very pretty. I can't tell you what it is, but if it is Stipa barbata it doesn't appear it's hardy for any of us. Dang.

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The pic in Darke's book leaves little question that this is Stipa barbata, which he lists as hardy to zone 8. Beautiful grass.

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Thanks! I've got the book on hold at the library and I'm looking forward to seeing the photo. Meanwhile, what was making me wonder about the correct name was Google photos like this one where the plumes look so much less flexible than the grass at Sissinghurst. Maybe what I saw was the grass when it was farther along in the season?

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Yes, from looking at the culms or stems in the first batch of pics, it appears that the Sissinghurst grasses are farther along in their season. They're browner (tawnier?).

But stop, please, posting such fine pics of this gorgeous grassÂI ache with longing from looking at them, because I cannot grow this beauty here in wintry zone 5.

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This grass looks just like the one I'm thinking about sowing today....Stipa barbata 'Silver Feather'.

Try google images for this one :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stipa barbata 'Silver Feather'

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There is a lot of misnaming of grasses, ESPECIALLY Stipa, which has splintered off into two other genus: Nassella and Anemanthele (ie: Stipa arundinacae a.k.a Anemanthele lessoniana, & Stipa Tenuissima aka Nassella Tenuissima). The plants at Sissinghurst are definitely Stipa barbata, and the other photos you have seen are either earlier in the season as others have said, or been labeled incorrectly. Last year I bought a 4" S. barbata that ended up being a tenuissima. It's okay, but Rats! I wanted those glorious awns

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