What is this squash?

beesneeds(zone 6)August 5, 2014

I planted in several squashes this year, among them Small Wonder Spaghetti squash from Hollar seeds. It's supposed to be a personal sized squash, 6 inches or so long, about three pounds at most.

What I have growing in my garden is definitely not that, and I'm hoping folks might be able to help me ID whatever this squash is. They are measuring about 12 inches long, about 18-20 inches around, a pale creamy green color. The skins are almost hard enough not to be pierced by a fingernail. I started the seeds on May first, so these have been growing for just a bit over 90 days now. They start out a slightly deeper shade of green, then hit the pale creamy green color without any "ripening" yellowing like other spaghetti squashes get. The oldest ones on the vines have been this color for over a month now.
Any help in giving ID to this squash would be much appreciated!

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beesneeds(zone 6)

I forgot to add the weight- the big ones are over 10 pounds at the moment. I'm also wondering if I should pick em once their skin is fully fingernail hard, or just let them sit till the vines die back? I have a load on the vines already, and more starting to grow and mature. I could only load one pic on the entry, here's a second one:

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I want so say spaghetti squash but that is a bit big. Could be a cross pollinated spaghetti with a pumpkin. If there is no disease or insect threat I would leave them as long as you can!

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I think it's one that's a full size spaghetti squash. Small Wonder is a hybrid maybe a mixed in seed or it didn't carry the desired trait of being a small fruited plant. I would let it mature more or just take one and cut it open to see if it has the fibrous flesh .

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beesneeds(zone 6)

Thanks for the comments folks :) I was gone over the weekend and went to check them yesterday when I got home. The largest/oldest ones are now starting to go from creamy greenish to a pale butter yellow. Vines are looking healthy, so are the fruit.

Should I be putting anything under the fruits? They are just resting on the ground for the moment.

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If its not overly wet I wouldn't worry about it I've never had any problems leaving them on the ground

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