update on ornamental grass bed design

KarenAugust 26, 2005

So we planted the grasses last weekend. I rejigged the layout a bit. Here's what it looks like. If the grow too big or too fat, I'll just divide, more and re-arrange in future years. There's no way like trying out stuff.. how else am I gonna learn?! Here are the pics..

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Less lawn to mow! Are the Pennesetum Setaceum in the ground? Just adding a late summer splash? In the future you might conside a sweep of Calamagrostis (Forester's Feather Reed Grass) between you and the next house over. Might make a good summer screen. Good work.

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Looking good! Bet you'll see those neighbors up and down the street with nothing planted copying. Make sure you can identify, I bet you'll get lots of questions, and requests for advice. Great job. Polly

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I am thinking of planting a Grass Bed in a lawn 40'X 30'
Has your bed planted in 05 been a success?
Do you have any recommendations after your experience.
Thanks for any help

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