re-planting bulbs

quiltpartner(6)March 30, 2010

I have a dozen+ pots of tulips & hyacinths from last spring that I forgot about. When we moved in late May, I tucked the pots in among some low shrubs until I could decide on placement. Well, they are now up 6-8" & the poor things are still sitting in their pots! Is it possible to re-plant them now? or should I just wait until fall & (try to remember to) do it then??


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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

"Please do* go ahead and plant them now. If they are awake and growing, stick them in the ground, even if it is just a temporary plot.

Later, when they naturally die back, you can move them where you want them. But if they are growing now, stick them in the ground. They may manage to live in the pots, but they won't do as well, and may not come back in later years.

Although the "ideal" time to plant dormant tulip and hyacinth bulbs is in the fall, the key word here is 'dormant bulbs'. Right now, these are just "growing plants". They would love to be out of their pots, I suspect. No worries.

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thank you! I thought so, it seemed common sense. As you said they are living plants! Sometimes I just need that nod of approval.

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