Anyone growing gourds this yr?

lizbeth_paAugust 3, 2012

I'm wondering who is growing gourds and what variety? I can't believe I'm having some problems w/ the gourds right now. I'm growing the fancy gourd variety. I wanted to grow the birdhouse gourds but didn't get around to putting them in! What problems are you having, if any? Some of my leaves are turning brown and dying. I think the rabbits are actually eating some of them, too!

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Do you have vine borers or squash bugs. Mostly anything in my patch that is turning brown is from borers or bugs. The only thing I have no problem with currently is the gourds. I'm growing fancy and another, I think they are called Daisy or something like that.

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I planted 11 birdhouse and had 9 of them sprout. I didn't read the package correctly. I thought it said 6-8 INCHES apart. It actually said 6-8 FEET apart. I made a trellis of sorts from an old pallet and trained them to grow up and over it. I have not had any problems YET. I don't use any fertilizer or pesticides. I'll see what photos I have to hopefully inspire your gourds to grow big.

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I'll have to take another shot of the vines today. They have really spread out since my last photo.

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WOW! Looks awesome!! I wish I had done birdhouse gourds! I bought the seeds but didn't start them. I just planted fancy gourds and the mini pumpkin. Im getting some and not sure when I should pick them. I'll try to post a couple of pics here!

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I will try to post a couple of pics here of my gourds! Here's trying!

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Here's another view. The gourds took to growing along my fencing, as well as sending off runners on the ground!! You can also see some of my eggplants!

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hey lizbeth_pa, I finally got around to uploading some pictures, below are some of my favorites. I have lots of different gourds (hardshelled and ornamental) and pumpkins going this year.

Tennessee spinners, they've been really productive.

Some large nameless gourds.

Wee-be-little pumpkins

These are just butternut leaves, I just really like the way they look.

Gooseneck gourds and one small extra-long handled dipper on the right.

White spoon gourds

More unnamed gourds

Pie pumpkins

Jack-be-little pumpkins

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Those are great pics and thanks for sharing them! The gourds sure take to the fencing w/ little coaxing or redirecting, dont they? Mine have been funny, though. They ran along the fencing from inside the garden where I planted them, then the headed back to the ground outside the fencing! We mow around the gourd runners! LOL! I did get some of those green striped guys, too! I think gourds are fun but some got on some of my other veggie plants! haha! I am sticking a few more gourd seeds into the garden today (or already did so) and see what happens! We still have a lot of warm days left before our frost starts. And I hear gourds do okay after 1st frost, if it's not a killer frost!! How many gourds do you have coming in? I just pulled a few this morning cuz the vines died on them and also a mini pumpkin.

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This year I was able to grow significantly more than I have in the past. I have a few hundred plants, each with a few fruit. I have four 150ft rows. I could pick a lot more but so far I've picked 35 various things. I'm trying to take a lot of notes to keep track of what works and what doesn't. I've tried a few different things in the garden since I had space to experiment.

I tend to like them on the fence because the gourds are of better quality, however they are more susceptible to SVB on fencing because they can't send down any roots along the vines. So I left most to grow along the ground.

Also gourds don't tolerate frost at all. The fruit might, but the plants will die. They are one of the most frost tender plants I have, second only to maybe impatiens. Though the hard-shelled gourds are often left in the field all winter to dry if they are for crafting.

I always like to grow gourds because they are small and always out-produce their larger pumpkin counterparts. It wouldn't be uncommon at all for a jack-o-lantern pumpkin vine to not yield any usable fruit. And if you have a small garden and only have one or two vines that can be devastating.

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