Help Identify - Pumpkin (?)

ncgreenthumb(Zone 7 - NC)August 4, 2010

I planted what I thought were 6 pumpkin plants in our front yard after the seed I planted in our backyard never took off after sprouting. The 6 plants are now setting fruit and pollination is in full swing. The pictures below are from the same plant, the top picture pollinated a few days ago and I'm intrigued and confused by it. The ID tag on the plant said connecticut field pumpkin though I'm not sure what to make of it. Two other female flowers have fruit, one pollinated today, another forming and should be ready in few days. All three cylindrical. Thanks for your opinions.

The fruit on the other plants are perfectly round; golfball and tennis ball size.

Pollinated today..

Another one coming

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Still being immature it's difficult to tell. Assuming it's still a Moschata variety it could be a type of neck pumpkin or something close to a Butternut.

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Concur: too early to tell. Connecticut Field is an old time C. pepo jack O lantern type so you could have a cross bred plant. Even this young it should be more round.

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It is definitely not a C. moschata. It is a C. pepo. I agree Connecticut field pumpkins aren't as oblong but the store bought packets of seeds seem to have a lot of variability for what people consider Connecticut field. It will be a big orange pumpkin just more oblong than round.

Take a look at what this company considers a Connecticut field, this is what your pumpkin will look like though probably not as big.

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It is interesting that several heirloom companies list Connecticut Field as a C. moschata. I guess one made that mistake and the others copied. It is a C. pepo, There are pumpkin shaped C. moschata's but none are orange. They probably confused it with Kentucky Field.

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ncgreenthumb(Zone 7 - NC)

I don't mind the cylindrical shape. Nice to have some variety amongst the typically spherical connecticut field pumpkins. These are for my kids for jack-o-lanterns and the different shapes will make for some nice designs. I'll keep the post updated as they grow.

Another interesting observation that may not mean anything is that this vine is the most active of the 6 with 2 pollinated and 1 pending fruits. The other vines either don't have fruit that have made it to flower or they have one pollinated or one pending.

I've done my best to hand-pollinate the females but I've been battling a healthy population of bumblebees who are up and at it before I am.

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