lawn moss question

tewitt1949March 24, 2014

I searched here and many have problems with moss in their lawn. I read several ideas to get rid of it but I've tryed many and others say they can't get rid of it.

I was wondering if I planted clover (which isn't my ideal lawn cover) and if I could get it to grow, would it produce enough of a canapy over the moss where the moss would die because of lack of sun light?

Any ideas are appriciated

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I'm not an expert, but it sounds like you might have a drainage problem, which can cause moss to grow. Also, in new subdivisions the topsoil is scraped off and there's not a lot of soil for grass and clover to grow in. That's the problem we've been dealing with.

If you have drainage problems, solve that first.

Clover is really nice in a lawn, and IMHO easier to grow. Just be aware that if you don't mow for a while and it flowers, you'll have pollinators in your lawn. Good or bad, depending on what you want, and if you have kids out barefoot. ;-)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a drainage problem but I live in a mature woods with a few trees cut for a clearing to make a lawn. The dirt in the yard is dirt from the woods which is decayed leaves, wood etc. Appears to be good rich soil and should grow anything. Actually It does grow moss good.

I just want to get rid of the moss.

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paul_(z5 MI)

"I just want to get rid of the moss."

Why? It doesn't need mown, is adapted to survive your conditions without fertilzers or any of the other extra care grass demands, nor will it smother out any of your other plantings as would grass or clover. Nor will it create a thick root mat that can be a bear to dig through as will grass.

I have never understood people's obsession with grass lawns. Grasses are demanding plants to take care of if one is trying to achieve that stereotypical manicured lawn look. In other respects, they are obnoxious weeds that will relentlessly try to colonize flower/plant/vegetable beds. Personally, I'd much rather see a carpet of moss.

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I actually go looking for and transplant moss in my yard in certain places... Moss to me, is very charming and sweet. I have filled in areas of my lawn that get mostly shade with thick carpet moss, also I encourage it to grow in and around my water fall and man made stream bed, it doesnt require mowing and it keeps the weeds down in those areas as well as makes a whimsical place to sit on a bench in the shade with a book to relax. I for one, like moss!

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