Do Burpeeana Early Peas require staking?

EcopalMay 4, 2011

Do Burpeeana Early Peas require staking? I have started growing these peas called Burpeeana Early and the packet indicates that the 24�� tall vines need no support. But right now they are forming tentacle vines so I�m thinking if maybe this is untrue. Also I had limited containers so I am growing them close together. What problems can this can this cause?

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Ecopal

First you have to let us know what zone you are in to help you better.

The first lesson in gardening is very simple, there are warm season crops and cold season crops.

Peas are cold season crops, anywhere that you are in Florida we are doing warm season crops.

If you grow them again at the right time, if the peas said trellis then you need to provide one and if they said bush, when grown in containers I still provide some support like you can cut a bamboo pole in smaller parts and tie them. The minimum space that I would plant them would be 6 inches or so.


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Your biggest problem will be that it is too hot now for peas. Peas like cool weather.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

You can grow southern peas or yard longs now.


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I live in Hialeah. And even though I am new at gardening I know that peas are cold weather crops but my neighbor managed to grow lots of container lettuce during the summer. I have no idea how but I figured if she could grow cold season crops I figured I could do it to.

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