anyone tried this amber flower carpet rose?

tinael01(10A)May 10, 2012

I bought this from Lowes being totally rose ignorant, but it seems to be doing okay. Has anyone else tried one? Also, I lost one of my roses but I have another, only I don't know which one I have left. Is this last one a polyantha or pink pet or are they the same thing? Like I said - rose ignorant. :)

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Yup, I have had 10 of those little girls in my garden for the past few weeks. 8 are in full all-day sun and 2 are in 6 hour sun.

They look amazing!

They are blooming all over. Lots of new foliage. We have had rain every day for a week, very heavy for a few days in there.

I put bone meal and compost in the planting hole along with that slow-release stuff in the pouch that comes attached to the pot, and have fed them Maxicrop seaweed granule concentrate once.

I watered them by sprinkler daily when there was no rain.

They like espresso coffee grounds. Bustello brand.



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Hi Gina! That sounds totally gorgeous! Got a photo?

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Oy! You would ask me that. Yes, I do have photos. Do I know how to beam them on to this page? Not without Scotty.

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from the FAQ - now you can show them to me :)

Here is a link that might be useful: how to post photos

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Yes, I have about 5 of them growing in front of our house and I love them. They're more upright than my other Flower Carpet roses but they're really full and bushy and are the first to bloom. They usually bloom about 2-3 times for me throughout the summer. I'll post a photo once they start to bloom.

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Hi Tina
I'm glad you posted these pics.
I have roses that look just like these, but I grew them from cuttings and the folks who shared them didn't know what their plants' names were.

It's good to know your first one is Carpet Rose. I was calling my cuttings "Drifts".

And I thought your second pic was a Cracker - it looks just like mine and a lady gave me that name.

But I am newer at roses than you.

Here's mine I grew from a cutting:

And take a look at this one that blooms with two different colored flowers:

I took a new pic of it everyday, thinking one of the flowers would fade into the other one's color, but they stayed those colors til they dropped off. I cut that little stem from a neighbor's plant only in January and it bloomed in April. But I don't recall that the parent-plant was multi-colored like that. Perhaps it wasn't even blooming at that time.

Oh and here's a pic of the lady's Cracker Rose:

Maybe someone can help with the ID of those pink ones.


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Well Susie those are just beauties!! I have that darker pink rose too, and I thought that was the cracker rose. Mine isn't blooming right now or we could compare. I did some more looking and the "pink pet" or "caldwell pink - polyantha" seems to be the correct name for the lighter one.

Here is a link that might be useful: look down for cracker rose

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claferg zone 9a Fl

The first rose in Susie's photos looks alot like a rose I have had for years called Martha's Vineyard. I agree with the Caldwell Pink or Pink Pet on the last photo. I am not sure what the rose in the center photo is.

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