My blue fescue not looking good

kimberlysc(z7 SC)August 11, 2013

Hello all,
Is the summer months when blue fescue looks kind of ratty? I have 25 plants in the front of my house. Some look totally brown, some still have the blue color, and some of the grass is mixed with alot of brown and some blue. I can't tell if the ones that are brown are dead or just dormant. I do remember last year cutting them back like little pom poms and this spring they came back with a vengence. They were beautiful. Could the grass actually get to much water? It has rained constantly this summer. Actually we have had the worst summer than I can remember. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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I always give mine a good haircut during the dog days of August. It gets rid of the ratty foliage, prevents most of the self-seeding and they come back like gangbusters in the fall.

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kimberlysc(z7 SC)

Donn, do you think the ones that look all brown are still alive?

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Try tugging on a small section of one. If it's dead, it'll pull out easily. Otherwise, it's just gone dormant.

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kimberlysc(z7 SC)

There might be hope but my gosh how terrible they look in the summer months. I thought maybe with all the tremendous rain we have had that it hasn't helped. Another thing that's not helping is the chickens. We have two neighbors across the street that live a house between them.They each have one chicken and the chickens get together everyday.They don't seem to mind letting the chickens roam and they come over and tear up my flower beds. It's getting tiresome and I'm ready to be the nasty neighbor. I work so hard in my yard and I'm tired of it. I was thinking of maybe trying a few things first? Perhaps sprinkling cayenne pepper in my mulch? How about taking the water hose to them? Any suggestions, I'd sure love to hear them.

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Rent a fox. ;>)

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kimberlysc(z7 SC)

This is what the chickens have done. The very first grass looks like it's been picked to the point that it is dead. I don't believe the grass is dead but dormant. It's sad looking.

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Mabey you should look into some decorative rocks for the bottom of that tiny slope where the grasses are.
I found a place to buy rocks and they are beautiful, especially when they are wet.
Blue fescue is a cool season grass, which means even if they do survive, (which I doubt, they look dead), they will look awful in the heat of the summer every year.
Just a suggestion, it would look really nice with rocks.

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